How to Install Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004, Plus Known Bugs

Yesterday we mentioned how the Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 was pushed to some insiders before MS pulled the plug. We are now glad to announce that it is now available to all windows phone users that have signed up for Insiders preview. You can see its changelog here. We have noticed a couple of new features too such as photo folders and one handed mode for all devices.

Install Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004

Installing the new build

Folks running 10512 have to update twice to overcome the update issue according to a new edit by Gabe Aul. These users will be installing Build 10514 and Build 10536.1000 before getting the new build which is 10536.1004. So it is a bit lengthy process but it is worth it.

Stuck at 0 percent

If you are, like me, stuck at 0 percent, don’t worry. I just let it sit for a good couple hours and it eventually jumped to “preparing to install updates” with 50% progress. It’s been sitting there for a while now.

Microsoft really has to improve their update process. It’s always painful and takes forever but since it is an insiders’ build, we really cannot complain much.

Nokia Lumia 1020 users: Go back to WP8.1

If you are a Lumia 1020 user and have been wondering why its massive 41MP camera became bad and so slow, started freezing and taking terrible blurry pics. This is because its camera hardware works only with the Lumia Camera app, which apparently isn’t available on windows 10. So either you can wait and keep taking bad pics or you can roll back to windows phone 8.1 and take amazing photos, like you used to do.

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