How to flash a firmware on Lumia

In this article we will show you how to flash a particular firmware on Lumia. I am assuming that you have downloaded the firmware with ffu extension. Otherwise you will need some other instructions to flash your Lumia.
flash a firmware on Lumia

1. Install “Windows Device Recovery Tool”. Download it from bottom of this post.
2. Download the firmware and make sure it has ffu extension. If you downloaded it as zip, unzip it as see if it has ffu extension.
3. And now open CMD as administrator
4. Type “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool”
32 bit pc “cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool”
5. Connect now your phone to your pc
6. Type in cmd “thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile “C:\the location of the ffu\file name.ffu” “
7. Wait now until your phone gives a green screen
8. Type now in cmd “thor2 -mode rnd -bootnormalmode”

It should now be booting and that is it. You have successfully flashed a firmware on your Lumia.

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