Get up to £100 by Recommending Lumia; UK Only

If you are a Lumia user, you can earn up to 100 pounds just by recommending them to your friends and family. For this, download the Lumia Rewards app from here and recommend Lumia to as many friends as you live.

Lumia Rewards app

You will get GBP 50 when your friend claims their reward. Once they buy a Lumia, they can claim the reward using your referral email that contains your referral code.

And when they have claimed their reward, both of you will receive another GBP 50 as Windows Store Voucher in an email. The best part is you can spend this virtually anywhere: phone app store, windows pc app store or even Xbox marketplace. Also, you can use this for anything that is software-based, which means it does not work in hardware store.

This offer is valid only for Lumia 635, 735, 830 or 930. You can purchase one from any channel in UK. Also, eligible participant must:

Eligible Participant must then:
(i) download the Lumia Rewards app using a Lumia device with a valid UK SIM card;
(ii) enter a personal email address; and
(iii) share a recommendation of a Lumia device to friends by email or through Facebook, or otherwise in accordance with the instructions detailed in the Lumia Rewards app or notification email sent by Microsoft (each such recommendation being a “Recommendation”).

This promo is valid from 00:00 GMT on 8 July 2015 until 23:59 GMT on 8 December 2015.

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