Gearbest review: Do not buy from – they do paid reviews

Gearbest is an online retailer that has resorted to paid reviews by offering site owners free gifts in return of writing articles praising products being sold on Read this full gearbest review to find out why you should not buy from gearbest.

gearbest reviews

To write a gearbest review, I was contacted by Davy from ( who said she will be sending me a Teclast Tbook 11 tablet if I write fake article about it. Since I am being given something for free, I am ‘expected’ to write good stuff about it. Some of friends who wrote some of these reviews were explicitly told by gearbest staff to only write positive reviews.

gearbest reviews

So when someone is writing a review of a product that is being sold on gearbest, one is compelled to not give his or her true opinion about. So why are these guys doing? Naturally, they want to boost their SERPs – search engine ranking positions. When an authority site like nokia views links to such site, they get a boost in their search engine ranking giving them an edge over their competitors. is a part of KDS tech network which is apparently the biggest technology network in the world and we do not believe in selling articles for money. We are here to provide latest Nokia, Microsoft, technology and Lumia news and reviews.

All the staff at gearbest is non-English speaking and you will have lot of trouble if your product comes in broken condition or you get some problem with your gadget. That said we do know now they are pretty good in luring the website owners in writing cute reviews.

I know this because one of my staff members did buy a 2 in 1 windows laptop tablet from them and had some trouble in turning it out. It turned out the battery was dead and since that 2 in 1 windows’s tablet had its battery sealed inside, my staff member contacted and she was told to ship it back to gearbest. She asked if gearbest could do something about and she was given a flat out no. She mentioned she had a lot of trouble too while interacting with gearbest folks.

Long story short (TLDR) – Do not buy anything from All the reviews you see online are paid – just to lure innocent buyers like you to fall into their traps.

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