Free Up Storage on Lumia Windows Phone

The low and mid range Lumia phones come with 8GB of flash storage and if you are a Lumia 530, you have paltry 4GB of storage out of which you have only 1.5 GB free storage. After installing some apps and games, you would be struggling for free storage on your windows phone. So here is how you free up storage easily.

free up storage lumia

Download and install Storage Cleaner Pro. This free app comes with all the tools you need. Start the app and it will scan your Lumia and tell you the space you left on phone in terms of percentage. Hit the Delete Cache button and it will delete most of the temporary files.

The help file in the app is not very useful and quickly clears junk files. Keep in mind that after deleting the cache, you will get a “Low storage prompt”. Just ignore it and click on close button to continue.

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