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Enable Double Tap to Wake for Lumia 950XL: Download double tap to wake ROM for Lumia 950XL

Microsoft has posted updated firmwares for the Microsoft Lumia 950XL on its servers and you can now download them using windows device recovery software. Even the low end Lumia phones like Lumia 435 supports double tap to wake and it was sorely missed in the Microsoft’s flagship device, 950XL that has the most powerful processor.¬†Download double tap to wake ROM for Lumia 950XL from using our steps.

Double Tap to Wake for Lumia 950XL

Go here:**059X4V3**
In top left search box, search for 059X4V3 for black, 059X4V3 for white model – now once you get results, click on your result.

On right side, under “List of firmware” click on: 01078.00053.16236.35034 – 2016-07-01

Under “download url’s” on bottom right side, click on:


Once that file downloads, cut and paste it on your C: drive. Just like that. No folders to be made.

Install Windows Device Recovery Tool¬†if you don’t have it.

Open CMD as administrator and type this in:

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool

Connect phone to PC using USB cable now.

Copy and paste this in your command window now:

thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile “C:\RM1085_1078.0053.10586.13169.12547.034E00_retail_prod_signed.ffu” -do_full_nvi_update -do_factory_reset

Don’t disconnect phone, just let it flash. Wait till you see a green screen on your phone.

Now paste this without inverted commas in your CMD window:

thor2 -mode rnd -bootnormalmode

Once the phone restarts, you go through your usual phone set up and upgrade to fast ring if you want. Otherwise you have latest firmware with double tap to wake.

You will find the option to turn on double tap to wake in Settings > Extras > Touch. This feature is working very nicely on the phone, even better than the Lumia 930 as some users have suggested in the below mentioned reddit thread.

I am not a big user of this feature and never missed it one bit on my Lumia 950XL. Some just could not live without it and upvoted this missing feature in windows feedback app and it is lovely to see Microsoft listening to its users.