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Microsoft Edge Windows 10 Mobile Adblock workaround: Windows 10 Mobile Adblocker

Microsoft Edge Adblock extension in Windows 10 Mobile may not see the day light anytime soon but we have an excellent working workaround that will enable adblocking-feature on your windows 10 mobile. This Windows 10 Mobile Adblocker hack makes use proxy auto-config file (PAC) file. You can use this feature on windows 10 mobile, windows phone (not tested but may work but this WP8.1 adblocker might work), iPhone and may be Android as well. All you need to do to enable adblock on windows 10 mobile is follow these steps and Microsoft Edge adblock feature will be enabled.

Windows 10 Mobile Adblock

Windows 10 Mobile Adblock steps

* Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi
* Click on the current Wi-Fi connection
* In the Proxy submenu choose “Use setup script”. Be sure that “Sign into proxy” is off. If you do not find Proxy settings, it means you are on RS2 insider build. You will find them in settings>network & wireless>Wi-Fi (legacy)
* In the Script address write the PAC URL mentioned below. If the URL changes in future, we will be updating this link as well. You can also search for “PAC JS adblock” and find direct link to such files. Make sure it has .js extention.

* Press ready (the check mark)

To disable it, follow these steps.

* Go to Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-Fi
* Click on the current Wi-Fi connection
* In the Proxy submenu choose “None”
* Press OK (the check mark)

windows 10 mobile adblocker
Green area showed ad


Of course, there are some disadvantages to it. A lot of websites, not nokiaviews though are forcing users to disable adblocker on their devices. We think that is not the right way to encourage people to visit their site. For those sites you will have to disable the adblocker using steps mentioned above.

Another con is it has be configured for every single Wi-Fi connection you use. So, save that link somewhere on your phone. I saved it in Microsoft OneNote. Second disadvantage of this windows 10 mobile adblocker is that it does not work on cellular data.

Third and this will make developers angry and upset – it will disable all ads inside windows phone apps. So disable it if you want to support developers.