Easily resize photos on a windows computer

It is not an easy job to resize photos on a windows computer as there are no built in tools to do so. And if you have to batch resize pictures, then it seems like a very difficult job as there are almost no tools out there – except one.

Movavi Image resizer review

Meet the Movavi Image resizer that is a full featured batch picture resizer plus a lot more. It allows you to import the pictures in bulk using the Movavi fast editor app and provides an easy way for picture enlargement and reduction. You can easily shrink or expand pictures by specifying number of pixels or percentage. It is also possible to fit the picture to a desired frame or set a custom size.

Another nifty feature that is included in the Movavi image resizer is renaming capability. If you are tired of your camera giving super unintelligent names to your picture, you have your problem solved with the Movavi image resizer as the app lets you import the images and rename them in a very convenient manner. You can also add custom counters, date and time to those images. It is also possible to rotate and flip images in batches. So if you took multiple photos in wrong orientation, the Movavi image resizer has got you covered. Just select the images you want to rotate and use the orientation tool to change the orientation as per your needs.

Movavi Image resizer

The Movavi image resizer also packs some basic image editing tools such as ability to calculate the best white balance, contrast and brightness of pictures. All of these features are designed in such a way that even a non-techie person can use it.

Batch file conversion is something we all find very technical but this image resizer software for windows promises to make everything simple by providing an easy to follow GUI for converting image from TIFF, BMP, JPG and PNG easily. Supported input formats include BMP, DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG-LS, PAM, PBM, PCX, PGM, PGMYUV, PIC, PIX, PNG, PPM, PTX, Sun Rasterfile, TARGA, TIFF, WebP, XBM, XFace and XWD. You will be do output in BMP, DPX, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF and XBM image formats. One can also do image resizing to free up valuable disk space. For instance, if you store a lot of pictures in BMP, TIFF or PNG format, a lot of your disk space is wasted so if you convert to something like JPG, you will save a lot of space on your hard disk drive.