EaseUS Todo Backup Free review

EaseUS ToDo backup is a very popular free backup solution that is currently being used by over 6,000,000 home users. The new software is windows 10 ready and is compatible with all versions of windows operating systems released till date. EaseUS ToDo backup software allows you to do four different types of backup plans that are performed by it and this includes disk backup, partition backup, file backup, smart backup and system backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free review

In disk backup, the entire disk is copied and all the partitions are copied and basically what we are doing here is cloning it. You can use this option to clone hdd to ssd which is a massive trend these. HDD (hard disk drive) is slower than SSD and this is why you see so many people finding ways to clone their hard disk so that they can restore the data on their newly bought SSD drive. This way you will be able to migrate to a solid state drive without reinstalling windows operating system.

Before proceeding, we suggesting backing up everything that is stored on your computer. You can do this by using a free backup software like EaseUS ToDo backup which has built in functionality to do the cloning of HDD for storing on SSD. Launch the app and click on the clone button. Then choose the source disk which in this case is the windows disk and click on the Next button. Select the destination SSD and ensure that sector-by-sector clone is ticked so that the destination disk is 100 clone of the source disk. Now, click on the Proceed button to commence the clone process.


In partition backup, a particular partition of your computer can be backed up. You can also backup entire disk and GPT disks without interrupting the work you are doing.

In file backup, the partitions are not touched and you are given the choice to select files you want to backup. You can include any type of files including documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos and financial files, etc. You can create comprehensive, incremental and differential backups. You can create as many versions of the file so if you have a lot of free disk space, you can keep many copies of the software. The new version adds support for up to 16TB drives. EaseUS ToDo backup also lets you schedule backups – just choose a time and the software will automatically start backing up at that particular time.

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