Download Xbox Accessories app to customize buttons of Xbox Controller

For improving the Xbox One experience, Microsoft has made an app called Xbox Accessories available for download. This allows you to remap buttons of Xbox Elite and Standard controller on an individual game basis. Also each user can have their own custom button mapping.

Download Xbox Accessories app

If you are an owner of standard controller, you can swap the two pair buttons. So let us say if you choose to map LB to X, then X is assigned automatically to LB. Elite controllers get a lot more customization, for instance you can have multiple buttons assigned to same function.

Download Xbox Accessories application

If you have more than one controller connected, you’ll see all the controllers when you pan left to right. If multiple users are signed in, the assigned profiles will appear above the controllers.

Download Xbox Accessories app for Windows 10 and Xbox

If you are a Windows 10 user, go to Windows Store and search for Xbox Accessories app. It is not available for Windows 8 and 7 versions. If you are an Xbox user, all you need is the November 2015 console update. You will find the app by going to My games & apps > Xbox Accessories.

Once you have downloaded the Xbox Accessories app, go to menu items > Configure > More Options.

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