Download Developers Preview for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has made a post on Windows blog that starting today, people who have enrolled into “windows phone preview for developers” program will start receiving Windows 10 mobile update. Developers are suggested to download the Visual Studio 2015 to start building and testing their windows phone applications. The new update for VS 2015 brings many new interesting and useful APIs for WP platform.

While we could not read the full post as MS has blocked the post, we are pretty sure it would be all about the new features are introduced by WP8.1 such as USB OTG.

download Preview for developers on windows 10 mobile

Preview for Developer for windows 10 mobile will give you early access to builds that are yet to made available to public. Naturally, these come with some bugs that might affect functionality. Also do not expect it to be stable as the latest official stable build.

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