Download Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build: RS1 build 14627 for windows 10 mobile

Microsoft is pushing theĀ  Windows 10 Mobile Redstone RS1 build bearing 14627 version to the Xiaomi Mi4, Microsoft Lumia 550, 950, and 950 XL windows insiders. However with a simple registry hack, you can get it on any Lumia or windows phone.

Download Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build

1) install windows insider from store. Interop unlock your windows 10 mobile.
2) Deploy @vcfan Lumia registry editor vcReg_1.5 to your device.
3) Go to vcreg–>(. . .)–>templates–>check mark , live interop and restore Ndtksvc and click on apply
4) Deploy customPFD and move to HKLM–>SYSTEM–>Platform–>DeviceTargetingInfo. If the deploy of customPFD fails, try installing the older version given here.
a)change ” PhoneManufacturer ” = MicrosoftMDG
b)change ” PhoneManufacturerModelName ” = RM-1085_11302 for Single SIM windows phones and RM-1116_15357 for dual SIM phones.
5)open insider app click on get builds select insider fast then device will restart. After restart, check for update and you will get Redstone 14267 build.

Keep in mind that there are myriad bugs in this Windows 10 Mobile redstone build.

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