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Download Windows 10 Mobile on your non supported Windows Phone using this XDA Tool

As you all know Microsoft stopped seeding Windows 10 Mobile to old Lumia phones and only a few phones from WP8.1 era got the official windows 10 mobile update. That update was available using Upgrade Advisor app. Rest of the Lumia users could still get the 10586 builds of windows 10 using windows insider which too stopped working after July 27th 2016.

Download Windows 10 Mobile

A new hack has popped up on XDA-developers that allows users to upgrade your phone without any problem and their unofficial app will help you to get new Redstone update (let alone old 10586.x builds) and maybe later upgrades on your old lumia.

This hack basically tells Microsoft you are using Lumia 950XL and this way, you get all the latest updates. To use it, you must developer unlock your windows phone and deploy the APPX file.

windows 10 developer mode

DHTUpgradeAdvisor_1.1.4.0_arm_Debug.rar : it contains the appx file and you must be able to deploy it with Developer Mode enabled via file manager. this contains ARM dependency packages needed for app . (if you weren’t able to deploy this app using file manager use device portal to deploy using appx file and these dependencies.

This entire method is an easier version of method we mentioned few days back. That method involved 5-6 steps but this hack is so much more easy to use. Simply tap two buttons in the app and windows 10 mobile update is there for you to download.