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Download Vulcan Journey Windows 10 Drivers

We have got hold of official Vulcan Journey windows 10 drivers. Vulcan Journey is a nice and cheap windows 10 tablet and retails for mere 49 dollars on If in case you have accidentally deleted the recovery partition, you will have to install windows 10 yourself. After that, you will need drivers and we have direct links to the official driver set for Vulcan Journey.

Vulcan Journey drivers

There are three driver sets. If your Vulcan Journey’s serial number starts with A05, then use this link; YN-series use this link and FV or SY Vulcan Journey windows 10 tablet users use this link.

Make sure to install the drivers only after windows 10 32 bit installation has completed. Make use of a USB hub to attach keyboard, mouse and USB drive containing windows 10 installation to install windows 10 on it followed by driver installation.

You can buy Vulcan Journey from for mere 49 dollars now making it the cheapest windows 10 tablet out there. Specifications includes Intel Atom Z3735F processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB flash storage and 7 inch display packing 1024×600 resolution.