Download Teclast Tbook drivers and recovery image

Are you looking for download links for Teclast Tbook drivers and recovery image? No need to fret as we have recovery images of this dual booting windows tablet. Teclast Tbook features 10.1 inch display, Atom Z8300 cherry trail processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC flash storage and can dual boot between windows 10 and android 5.1 operating system. The drivers and recovery images given below will help you in restoring the tablet to the original factory condition.

Download Teclast Tbook tpad recovery image

We suggest using Chrome to download the Teclast Tbook recovery images and drivers as the download site too is in Chinese but Chrome can automatically help you translate the document. You will need to register on baidu as well to download. 

Download Teclast Tbook drivers

You will a folder on the download page. Double click it to open. You will a PDF manual, upgrade tool and android firmware image. Download all three. There is windows 10 folder there. Double click it to open it and download all the rar files. This includes windows 10 firmware images. Teclast Tbook 11 disassembly instructions can be read here.

Teclast Tbook drivers are included in the windows 10 images but unfortunately there is no separate package for drivers.

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