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Download Pokemon Go for Windows 10 Mobile: Download PoGo UWP for Windows Phone

Pokemon Go for Windows 10: Download links for Pokemon Go aka PoGO windows 10 UWP application

If you wanted to download Pokemon Go on windows 10 mobile device, but where clueless on how to do it, this is the how to guide you were looking for. First, Pokemon Go has been ported as PoGo UWP for windows 10 so you will be able to play it on your computer too – if it has GPS and you can tug it around with you.

Download Pokemon Go for Windows 10

Pokemon Go on windows 10 mobile has plenty of bugs but is playable

Second thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of rough edges in this port so expect bugs here and there. That being said, it is playable and you will be happy to see Pokemon Go run on Windows 10 devices.

Pokemon Go on windows 10 mobile. Complete How to

Step 1- Create pokemon trainer club account by visiting this official website link. Make sure to use an account that you do not use a lot if in case that email address gets blocked. Remember this app is a port and is not an official version of the game.

Step 2- First log in has to be done using iOS or android phone. If you do not have either, no need to worry. Just install Bluestacks on your windows computers and you will have android running in no time. Now log in.

Step 3 – Select a starting pokemon. This step is important as one cannot select a pokemon on the third party game app that is ported to windows 10 mobile.

Step 4 – Now log out of the official application by tapping on the Pokemon icon. Now go into settings.

Step 5 – On your PC, download latest version of PokemonGo-UWP from Github. It will look like this PokemonGo-UWP_1.x.x.x_ARM_Debug.appx. Make sure the PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your windows 10 mobile device.

Step 6 – On your device, go Settings > For Developers > Enable “Developer Mode” > “Device discovery” > “Device portal”.

Step 7- Make sure your PC and windows 10 mobile device are connected to same wifi network. On your phone, you will find an IP address at the bottom of device portal settings. Use this IP address using web browser like Edge on PC.

Step 8 – you will be asked to pair the phone to web browser session. Select Pair to get a code to input into browser. Now on your PC, click on Apps section on device portal in web browser.

Step 8 – Deploy PokemonGo-UWP_1.x.x.x_ARM_Debug.appx using “install app” > “add package”. Add the two other files as dependencies. Now click on ‘Go” button that is located under “Deploy” button. It will install the Pokemon Go on your windows 10 mobile.

Now start the pokemon go on windows phone > log in using same credentials that you used earlier

IP Theft?

Is all of this an IP theft? No. This is because this is a pokemon client and clients often plug themselves into servers making use of public APIs. It is like Poki for windows phone but on a bigger scale. For those who do not know, Poki is a third party Pocket aka read it later client for WP. Poki is infact one of the best windows universal apps out there.

It makes use of publicly available APIs of Pocket. Same is the case here where the developer behind PoGo made a client app that interacts with the Niantic’s Pokemon Go servers and stream its content. So it is not an IP theft in any way.