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Download Official Microsoft Lumia 950XL ROM: Single SIM and Dual SIM variants – Lumia 950 Product Codes

Want to restore your Microsoft Lumia 950XL to factory settings by flashing official ROM? We have got hold of a full flash update for the RM-1116 a k a Lumia 950XL. RM-1116 is the dual SIM variant and its product codes are given below. Lumia 950 product codes are also available.

Download Official Lumia 950XL ROM

059X4W5 CV ALPS schwarz Schweiz, Brandingfrei
059X4W5 CV ES PT schwarz Portugal, Brandingfrei
059X4S4 CV FR schwarz Frankreich, Brandingfrei
059X5M4 RU CV

Lumia 950 Product Codes RM-1104

059X4V9 TELEKOM DE schwarz Deutschland, Telekom
059X4V9 TELEKOM DE weiß Deutschland, Telekom
059X5K5 Swisscom CH ? Swisscom CH
059X4Z6 VF DE schwarz Deutschland, Vodafone

Lumia 950 XL Product Codes RM-1085

059X4V3 CV DE schwarz Deutschland, Brandingfrei
059X4V4 CV DE weiß Deutschland, Brandingfrei
059X4V3 TELEKOM DE schwarz Deutschland, Telekom

So how to download ROMs for Lumia 950? While there are no public tools for such purpose, below you will find the generic EU variant EURO A6 to be generate for Lumia 950 single SIM, RM-1104. So open this link in web browser. Then copy only this link.

We will be posting EU firmware for RM-1085 soon.