Download Nokia X2 Android Kitkat stable ROM

Nokia X2 is a pretty amazing phone but is let down by poor support from Nokia and Microsoft. In non-modified state, it is barely useable with its lame user interface. Now, thanks to xda developers, you can download stable android ROM for the Nokia X2 that looks and feel brilliant.

Download Nokia x2 Android Kitkat stable ROM

This android 4.4.4 kitkat ROM for the Nokia X2 is bug free, unlike the Nokia X2 Android 5.1.1 lollipop ROM that is in alpha stage and unstable at best. The kitkat ROM is known as FiUi ROM and while it had some issues earlier, it is bug free now and stable enough for being used as daily driver.

To install it, download the ROM from here, wipe system, wipe data, wipe caches and dalvik caches and then install the ROM’s zip file. Before you proceed, ensure you have Nokia X2 TWRP installed as only through TWRP you can install a custom ROM.

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