Download Nokia X XL Stock ROM, Flash Different Firmware

If you have rooted your newly bought Nokia X, X+ or XL in order to install Play store so that you can enjoy access to millions of applications and games. But now you want to get back to stock. For that there are two options – you can either unroot it and uninstall Play store along with any other hacks you have installed. Second way is simply downloading and installing the stock ROM. BTW, if you own a Lumia, find the flashing instructions here.

Download Nokia X XL Stock ROM, Flash Different Firmware

Just keep in mind that by installing this ROM, you will loose data stored on your Nokia X or XL. This option can also be used to recover dead Nokia X. And of course, you will be able to flash a different firmware. Anyway, let us get started.

First download NCS from here. Use it to download all ROM files and copy them into c:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-DDD\

Here DDD refers to:
Nokia X – 980
Nokia X+ – to be updated
Nokia XL – to be updated

Download Nokia X XL Stock ROM

If you doing Recovery, unmark Automatic product selection and set No Connection. Make sure to not connect the phone. Now click on File -> Open product -> put model name. For instance 980 refers to Nokia X.

product support tool nokia x

Then go to Programming > recovery. This will downloaded packages.

nokia x product support tool

Click on the firmware and press start button to start the flashing process.

Collection of ROMs

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