Download Nokia Software Recovery for Restoring Nokia X, Asha, Series 40, Series 30, Symbian Phones

Nokia Software Recovery is back again and this time, it can be used only for restoring Nokia X, Asha, Series 40, Series 30 and Symbian phones. So you can only use it for flashing phones that run on platforms other than Windows Phone OS. So if you own a Nokia-branded Lumia, you must use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and not Nokia Software Recovery. Once again, you can use this tool to flash:

Download Nokia Software Recovery

Asha and Series 40 phones that have USB interface
Series 30+ phones that have USB interface
Nokia X2 platform phones
Symbian phones

Windows Phone Recovery Tool is used for downgrading Lumia devices running WP10 to WP8.1. Of course, you can also it to restore your device to factory settings. Nokia Software Recovery was previously known as Lumia Recovery Tool which was later renamed to Windows Phone Recovery Tool. So there was need of an app that will take of non-WP Nokia branded devices which is why we now have Nokia Software Recovery.

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