Download Nokia HERE from Amazon app store

If you are using a Nokia X device or an Android phone with Amazon app store, you can now download Nokia HERE for free, just like Google Play Store. The HERE Maps has already crossed 3 million downloads and people have loved its offline navigation feature which is great for those who cannot get a data connection or just do not want to get charged extra for using data while on roaming.

Download Nokia HERE from Amazon

With HERE Maps, you will be able to do offline navigation in 118 countries. Here is the change log of the latest version:

* We added interactive 3D maps of shopping malls and airports in 70 countries
* You can tap on any place icon on the map to see more about it or how to get there
* Traffic incidents show you what’s causing the jam before you have to find out in person
* You can now download maps in the background — no need to wait for them to finish
* You can now also download voices to your SD card
* We adjusted the volume so you can hear turn-by-turn directions more clearly.

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