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Download DosBox for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1

DosBox is available for download for the windows phone 8.1 and windows 10 mobile. An xda developer user is behind this Dos Box emulator and it is good enough for running some good old DOS based games and applications built originally for x86 processor.

Download DosBox for Windows 10 Mobile

The developer recommends using Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work with the DOS emulator. Even a game like Wolf 3D for DOS is playable and even windows 3.1 operating system runs just fine.

DosBox for windows 10 mobile has virtual keyboard and joystick. The mouse is emulated via touchscreen. The mouse cursor can emulate two modes, relative and absolute. In relative mode, to move mouse pointer, touch and hold phone screen and move finger. Mouse should move relative to your finger movements. Then to register left mouse click, tap on screen -> double click > double tap. For right click >hold + release finger.

Dos Box windows 10 mobile windows phone 8.1 download

In absolute mouse mode, move mouse pointer on screen and register left button click by tapping phone screen.

How to use the DosBox for windows phone / windows 10 mobile application:

* install app
* connect phone to PC
* create folder dosbox (or whatever) on the phone or sd-card memory. On W10M you may create folder at the root; on WP8.1 create your folder inside any public folders (Pictures, Documents etc.)
* launch the app and choose folder; after synchronization it will be your virtual drive “c:”. Later, you need to synchronize this folder manually after adding or deleting apps & data.

The only gripe is that it does not support continuum but developer has provided a work-around for that as well.

* first connect to Display Dock or Miracast. now on TV show normal Continuum desktop.
* now in Continuum app on phone or from Continuum desktop or phone select display settings. select “Connected display” if not. on bottom of display settings select “Advanced settings”
* select “Mirror what’s on my device” (but don’t use back arrow for close!!! just select Mirror option and don’t touch anything for now)
* now on TV screen display change from Continuum to phone screen
* if not change disconnect and reconnect USB cable
* if changed press windows key to back to start screen

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