Download Chuwi Hi12 Drivers: Chuwi Hi12 recovery image – Chuwi Hi12 specs

Chuwi Hi12 is in hands of nokia views and we will help you with its drivers and official recovery images. These recovery images and drivers come directly from Chuwi China and have not been touched in any way. official version – Chuwi Hi12 flash Windows 10 System Firmware and Drivers. This guide is only for the windows 10 only model – not for the dual boot version.

Download Chuwi Hi12 recovery image

Downloading and installing Chuwi Hi12 recovery image

Chuwi Hi12 windows recovery image installation requires you to have two USB sticks with one more than more than 4GB onboard, power supply, keyboard and a windows PC.

1) Download the “Hi12 Windows10 64bit.rar” from here and unzip the file on your computer. You will need a USB flash drive of more than 4GB to do it and second with atleast 512MB on it.

2) Plugin the first USB drive and this one at least should have a size of 512 MB. You must format it as FAT32 partition. Rename it to “WINPE”. Now copy the contents of USB1 folder to that USB stick. This includes the 4 subfolders and 3 files, not the USB1-folder itself. This USB flash drive is going to be your booting stick.

Chuwi Hi12 recovery image

3) Now it is time to plug the second USB drive in. As said earlier, this should be more than 4GB. Format this stick as NTFS and also call it “WINPE”. Then copy the content of USB2-folder to that stick. Now it will have just the “images” folder with its 3 files.

4) Now we need to tell the Chuwi Hi12 windows tablet to boot from USB flash drive instead of internal flash drive. You can do that in its BIOS. So first shut down your tablet. For that hold down power button for at least 10 seconds. Plug in your USB keyboard into the USB 3.0 port of your tablet. This port has blue color. Now you need to start your tablet in BIOS, so Press and hold the Power-Button + Volume Up for at least 5 seconds (If you see the Chuwi Boot screen Press Volume Up again). Now your tablet should directly show up the BIOS menu. Use the keyboard to switch to the “Boot” tab and change the boot order so that it looks like this – #1 USB Lan, #2 USB Hard Disk, #3 USB Key, #4 Hard Disk. Press F4 to save and exit. Shutdown it down by holding the Power-Button for 10 seconds.

Download Chuwi Hi12 Drivers

5) Plugin your USB sticks. You need to put the FAT32 stick (USB1 – your Boot stick) into the USB 3.0 port (blue one), the NTFS stick (USB 2 – image folder) into the other one. Power on your tablet by pressing the Power button for at least 5 seconds. Now your tablet should boot from your USB stick and you should see a command prompt after the Chuwi logo. No need to worry if you do not see anything as the scripts will run automatically and after installing the image, the tablet will shutdown. Now you have to boot again by keeping power button pressed for 5 seconds. You should now see the chuwi boot screen and the “getting started” message. This will take a few minutes again. After that, your tablet should reboot automatically.

Official Chuwi Hi12 Drivers download link and installation

Now that windows has been installed on the Chuwi Hi12, you can install drivers. Download them from here and put them on a USB stick. Unzip and install them on your windows 10 tablet.

Chuwi Hi12 specs

Chuwi Hi12 comes with 12 inch 2k retina display that means it has 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution. Chuwi Hi12 has 400 lumens screen brightness which makes the display visible even in direct sunlight. It comes with a big 12 inch display that makes it bigger than iPad and other android tablet that come with 10″ screens.

Chuwi Hi12 specs details:
Price: 249 dollars
Options: Windows 10 version or Windows 10+ android 5.1 version

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