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Download Ad Blocker for windows phone

We hate ad blockers as we are one of those news sites that rely solely on web advertising. However some people are okay with ads on desktops but they simply hate them on the mobile phones. Some ads are pretty hefty and can consume a good chunk of your data plan.

Download Ad Blocker for windows phone

So how do block ads on windows phone? Well while there is no easy to use plugin, you can modify the HOSTS file that contains links of advertisers.

Instructions via phone pro user

1. Get full root access on your phone. You can do this by installing this.
2. Then download the latest blocking hosts file from here.
3. Rename the file from hosts.txt to HOSTS
4. Connect your handset to PC, navigate to \Windows\system32\drivers\etc folder
5. Paste downloaded HOSTS file, choose “replace” in the copying dialog.
6. That is it, no need to reboot like Android phones.

That is it, no ads will be shown in apps, games or in Internet explorer. To revert back, go \Windows\system32\drivers\etc\ and delete HOSTS file.