Uninstall Windows 10 Mobile Feedback on your Lumia

Using windows 10 mobile feedback, one can give some amazing suggestions and praises to Microsoft but what if you want to disable or uninstall windows 10 mobile feedback. This gets fired up when you press Power button + lower volume key.

Uninstall Windows 10 Mobile Feedback

So can you uninstall or disable windows 10 mobile feedback? You cannot uninstall it as it is installed as ‘system app’ – just like your Phone or Messaging app which cannot be uninstalled by user. However, you can change the frequency of how often windows 10 mobile requests for feedback.

For that, go to Settings > Privacy > Feedback and Diagnostics and then under ‘feedback frequency’, select “Never”. You can also change this to “Automatically”, “Always”, “Once a Day” or “Once a week”.

Sadly, one cannot uninstall it from the phone and I think Microsoft has done this to hear the voice of the end user in case some problem with the build or software arises. Fortunately, there is an option to completely disable the windows 10 mobile feedback to prevent it from annoying you.

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