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Disable LockScreen Patch for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition: LogonController.dll Patching

Folks at xda-developers have found a way to disable the lockscreen for windows 10 devices running the latest anniversary update. All this is happening due to a dll file located at C:\windows\system32\LogonController.dll

Disable LockScreen Patch windows 10 anniversary

We will be editing this file using a hex editor and the one being edited below is from 64 bit version. If you do not want to mess around with hex editors, simply download this patched DLL and replace it. After replacing it, you will find that the windows 10 computer boots faster too.

Here is what is happening according to this post at xda.

.text:0000000180016270 ; __int32 __fastcall CProcessStateManager:ut_IsLockScreenAllowed(CPro cessStateManager *__hidden this, unsigned __int8)
.text:0000000180016270 ?put_IsLockScreenAllowed@CProcessStateManager@@UEA AJE@Z proc near

text:00000001800162E4 call cs:__imp_RegCreateKeyExW
.text:00000001800162EA mov ebx, eax
.text:00000001800162EC test eax, eax

This line below is what we’re patching:
.text:00000001800162EE jnz short loc_18001633A
.text:00000001800162F0 mov rcx, [rsp+78h+hKey] ; hKey
.text:00000001800162F8 lea rax, [rsp+78h+Data]
.text:0000000180016300 mov [rsp+78h+samDesired], 4 ; cbData
.text:0000000180016308 lea r9d, [rsi+3] ; dwType
.text:000000018001630C xor r8d, r8d ; Reserved
.text:000000018001630F mov qword ptr [rsp+78h+dwOptions], rax ; __int32
.text:0000000180016314 lea rdx, aAllowlockscree ; “AllowLockScreen”
.text:000000018001631B call cs:__imp_RegSetValueExW
.text:0000000180016321 mov rcx, [rsp+78h+hKey] ; hKey
.text:0000000180016329 mov ebx, eax
.text:000000018001632B cmp rcx, 0FFFFFFFF80000002h
.text:0000000180016332 jz short loc_18001633A
.text:0000000180016334 call cs:__imp_RegCloseKey