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RightLaptop Team

Kamal Singh, Founder and Editor-in-Chief 

He owns a masters degree in computer engineering and is an avid Windows Phone fan. He has used almost every Windows Mobile (HTC Alpine, Universal, Magicetc); every iPhone iteration and even Lumia (510, 520, 630, 710, 900 and 920). 

I was also a writer for Pocket PC Mag (which was renamed to Smartphone Mag and then, iPhone Mag) for 3 consecutive years. I own operate a massive technology network called HTML Ecosystem.

Follow him at @kamalds.

Martha Mattews, Editor 

Based in San Francisco, Martha Mattews is responsible for writing great posts and keeping the readers up-to-date with the latest in mobile world. She is a rare individual whose creativity and love for life are quite contagious. She is famous for getting team members to try new things and push beyond their perceived limits. She discovered her love for journalism accidentally when succumbing to her best friend’s pleading to fill in for her on a headline story for the college newspaper. Marta reluctantly agreed, and much to her surprise, found the assignment to be invigorating and intriguing. The next semester he changed his major and pursued a career in journalism, eventually joining us here at as a valuable member of our team.

 Jane Milford, Review Writer 

Jane hails from Hawaii where she earned a degree in communications. She relocated to the West Coast following a personal tragedy that left her physically disabled. Jane’s zest and fervor for life enabled her to make a new start as a contributing blogger and journalist for multiple platforms and journalistic outlets, including We feel fortunate to have her on board as an intricate part of our team. The online nature of her work allows her the freedom to travel throughout the United States, enjoying discovering mobile gadgets and technology where ever she goes.

Molly Rose, Senior Editor

Molly Rose is a veteran journalist with more than 16 years of experience and serves as RightLaptop’s Senior Editor. A graduate of Columbia University, Rose earned degrees in both Journalism and Business Administration. While working from the bottom up, Rose has learned all the ins and outs of journalism and has been a guest writer on many online publications throughout the years. After graduating college, Rose liked New York so much that she has called it home for almost 23 years now.

When not working hard writing and editing, Rose is passionate about volunteering and giving back to her community. Her current devotion is to Habitat for Humanity where she enjoys meeting and helping families. In her spare time, Rose enjoys gardening and bike riding.

Kim Santiago, Managing Editor

Kim is the managing editor of, in charge of editorial strategy and operations. Before joining the team here, Kim served time as an editor and communications specialist of industry publications both abroad and in the United States. Kim joined in 2012 and is based out of San Francisco.

Scott Carlisle, Author 

Scott is a journalist who began his writing endeavors in Europe, contributing to various publications on a variety of topics from politics to sports. After bouncing around a bit between multiple venues, he determined that technology was the platform that really captivated him, making him a perfect fit for Scott’s nose for hot new gadgets and gizmos is unsurpassed, and makes him everyone’s favorite geek. When Scott isn’t trying out the latest mobile phones and gadgets, you’ll find him off the coast of Florida deep sea fishing with his two sons.

Jasmeet Kaur, Writer

Based in New Delhi, Jasmeet is news writer with an emphasis on HTC and LG phones. She brings over 8 years of experience in mobile writing to the Phone News team. She comes from a journalism background that she actually never planned to be engage in. Journalism was not her original career plan and was born out of unexpectedly discovering a natural ability in writing which led to a strong desire to become a meaningful part of a journalistic team of some kind. Jasmeet pursued formal training at Delhi University, and then dabbled in various media outlets to find that his overwhelming passion lied with technology related topics, including mobile technological adv
ancements, making her a perfect fit for the news team.

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