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Chips Challenge for Windows 10 Mobile available for download

Chips Challenge game for windows 10 mobile and windows 10 is available for download from windows store. I this game, you make use of switches to manipulate and use dirt blocks to build bridges across waterways.

chips challenge windows 10

For those unaware Chip’s Challenge was a game that came preinstalled on windows ages ago, and this is a huge nostalgia blast for me because I’ve been wanting to play this game for ages, but it doesn’t work on any windows higher than XP. Super fun game, could play for hours.

Chips Challenge from Epyx was licensed to write DOS and Windows 3.1 version game and it was later included fourth Microsoft Entertainment Pack and Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack.

This is a UWP app and makes use of common code. It is free to download and we are sure it will bring some amazing nostalgic movements.