Bitcoin App for Windows Phone coming soon

The developer of Bitcoin has confirmed on Bitcoin’s subreddit page that he is working on a Bitcoin wallet application for the Windows Phone platform. He has made few screenshots available as well.

Bitcoin for Windows Phone

He mentions that few months back, he released Blockchain for WP platform but Microsoft forced him to remove the ability to make payments. So, now the app only lets the users to check their balance and view transaction history.

So, as of now, Windows Phone users cannot send Bitcoin money. His new app tries to rectify that problem by using Windows Phone’s wallet feature. His upcoming Bitcoin app integrates with the Wallet Hub as shown below.

Bitcoin Windows Phone

Right now, Bitcoin for windows phone supports only but the developer promises Coinbase soon.

If you ask me, I do not see Microsoft approving the payment sending feature as redmond giant wants the apps dealing with money to open Internet Explorer mobile and show padlock to show that the transaction are being done using SSL. Even if MS does not approve it, the developer is promising to still release and distribute its XAP file.

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