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Best Universal Apps for Windows Phone

A lot of new Windows Phone users must be looking for universal applications for the windows phone platform. So I thought of making a comprehensive list of some excellent Windows Phone universal apps. This list may include my personal favorites too.

best windows phone universal apps

Universal apps are those where you buy once and you get apps for both windows phone as well as windows desktop via Store. This not only brings similar functionality to both platforms but also saves money as user need not buy for both platforms to use that particular app.

Poki for Pocket: Poki is a Pocket client (previously known as read it later) for windows phone. It lets you carry articles off line so that you can read them without Internet connection. Download link.

poki windows phone pocket client for windows phone

MyTube and MetroTube: These two apps are one of the best Youtube apps out there. Both are free as trials are fully functional but if you like them, buy them to support the developers.

metrotube for windows phone

Tweetium: This is a universal Twitter app that I use to browse through Tweets. It works quite well and looks great, even on PC. Download link.

tweetiumwindows phone tweetium

WolframAlpha: Ask it anything and it will give you an answer of it. It uses its vast collection of algorithms and information to generate reports for the users. Download link.

wolfram alpha for windows phone download wolfram alpha for windows phone

You-Doo: It is a proximity based to do list and reminder app. It comes with powerful features like live timeline, user defined GPS, task history and calendar view. Since you can export it’s geofenced reminders to Outlook, it isn’t duplicative at all, it’s complementary. Download Link.

you doo for windows phone you doo for windows phone download

I will be updating this post often, so keep an eye on it.