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Best Period Tracker App for Windows Phone: period tracking app for windows 10 mobile–free period tracking app for Lumia windows mobile

While there are plethora of iOS and android apps for tracking periods, there are very little for windows phone. That said, quality matters more than quantity and fortunately, we have two excellent period tracking apps for windows phone, windows 10 mobile, Lumia or whatever you want to call it.

Best Period Tracker App for Windows Phone

I personally use MeLady and it is compatible with both windows phone and windows 10 mobile. It has myriad options for tracking your symptoms like breakouts, period-related cramps and flow. MeLady for windows phone also serves as a simple tracker for your on and off days so you can make out if the headache you are having is related to your period cycle or not.

MeLady has fertility information too so if you are trying to conceive, you can make note of your temperatures and attempts. So the MeLady is the most comprehensive app out there with wide range of uses and ways to view your data. Here is its feature list. It is free but you can remove adds for $1.50.

MeLady windows phone

* Adjustable period and cycle length used for predictions and not just 28/5
* Password protection
* Daily Horoscope
* Option to store your data in the cloud
* Sync your data across each of your devices
* Themes available
* Future period dates, ovulation and fertile days calculation
* Track 26 moods and 25 symptoms plus the ability to add custom symptoms
* Enter notes, track temperature and weight
* Easy to use
* Charts and statistics
* Pill reminder
* Share your records via email
* Discreet name and tile icon
* Live tile

If you are looking something that is strictly a period tracker for windows phone and nothing else, consider checking out the Eva Period Tracker. Here are its list of features and it is also free.

Eva Period Tracker windows phone

* Predict your future period, ovulation and fertility window
* Remember your cycle history so you don’t have to
* Track symptoms like BBT temperature, mood, flow, fluids, spotting and pain
* Alert you when your period is coming so you get yourself and your tampons together
* Alert you when your fertility window is coming so you get your partner ready
* Remind you to take your pill so you don’t replicate yourself accidently
* Remind you to log your symptoms so you track each one of them
* Provide moral support at the right time (this part is under construction)
* Be the easiest and most comprehensive ovulation calendar on Earth