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Best continuum apps: top W10m application list – must have windows 10 mobile apps – best UWP apps;top apps with universal windows platform support

Best UWP apps for windows 10 mobile. These UWP apps are must have for new windows phone users running W10m OS. With new Lumia windows 10 mobile devices, users can enjoy continuum support on their phones. Only those apps run on it that make use of universal windows platform (UWP) which in best case the same app runs on all Windows 10 Devices – PC, Phone, Xbox and even Holo Lens.

Best continuum apps

Best continuum apps | Must have windows 10 mobile apps

Talented developers have released improved versions of their windows phone 8 apps that scale a lot of better on the phone display and when connected to monitor.

List of continuum apps with UWP support or with Windows 10 Mobile UI are given below.

Must have windows 10 mobile apps
We really hope the built in File Explorer gets an update too so that it supports, at least zip file extraction and compression – two major features lacking in it.

Some other worthy mentions are VBA10 which is a great Gameboy Advance emulator that was recently moved to universal windows platform. Did I miss an app or game? Let me know in the comment section below.