Best Android ROM For Nokia X: MIUI v5

If you are not huge fan of Nokia X user interface and array of useless apps included in the official ROM, you might to check out this best android ROM for Nokia X. This ROM for Nokia X brings improved battery management, several CPU tweaks and has play store onboard, giving you access to millions of great android apps out there. 
Best Android ROM For Nokia X

MIUI ROM for Nokia X: Features

* Full MIUI Stock
* Improve performance
* Xperia Keyboard Added
* Init.D Support & Tweaks
* Zipalign
* CPU Tweaks
* Net Speed Tweaks
* System tweaks
* Build.Prop Tweaks
* New Ram Managements
* Battery Tweaks
* New Deep Sleep Data Method (Improves Battery and Reduce Ram Usage)
* Display Sharpness tweaks
* Improve Sounds and Audio Quality
* Dalvik VM tweaks
* Rooted with Permission manager
* Gapps included

How to flash this android ROM on Nokia X

1. Do factory reset. Download ROM from here. Also download Wi-Fi patch from here.
2. clear dalvik cache
3. clear cache data
4. Format System
5. Flash and then flash Wi-Fi patch that you downloaded in #1.
6. Reboot

Read Nokia XL review. All credits go to Javajohn at XDA.

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