Background Download Functionality comes to Windows Phone

Good news Windows Phone users. Our favorite mobile platform supports background downloading now. To get this functionality, download Loadkit download manager to your Windows 10 Mobile device.

Background Download in windows phone (2)

It is weird to see Edge browser in windows 10 mobile not offering the ability to download files in background but new API have allowed developers to do things that were not possible earlier. The Loadkit download manager is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile operating systems and supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.

Background Download in windows phone (1)

Scheduling, pooling and resuming of background downloads in windows phone is also possible. Once the download has complete,you will be notified about it and a live tile will let you keep track of the active downloads.

Background Download in windows phone (3)

On the desktop, the loadkit download manager integrates with Chrome and Firefox and Edge integration is in the tunnel. The developer is waiting for Microsoft to enable extensions in Edge.

There are two versions of it – free and paid. Free version offers 64 download and shows ads. The paid version removes both of these constraints.

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