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Asus ROG G701VI gaming laptop with Nvidia Pascal GPU on sale in USA: Asus ROG G701VI Pascal GPU specifications and overview

Asus ROG G701VI review specifications

Asus ROG G701VI with Nvidia Pascal 1080 graphics is now on sale in USA. The new GPU is VR ready and brings better gaming performance compared to its predecessor. The Asus ROG G701VI offers top-end specifications such overclocked 32GB of DDR4 RAM and PCIe based 512GB NVMe SSD for blistering fast transfer speeds. Detailed Asus ROG G701VI specifications are given below.

Asus ROG G701VI specs include 17.3 inch full HD display with g-sync technology with whopping 120Hz refresh rate. It has super wide 178 degree viewing angles. Graphics card, as mentioned earlier is NVIDIA GTX 1080 with 8GB of dedicated VRAM for unparalled graphics performance in gaming and applications such as AutoCAD.

Asus has not compromised on the processor front too, equipping it with an unlocked Intel Core i7-6820HK processor that runs at 2.7GHz clock speed. Battery life is not very important on powerful high end gaming laptops with discrete graphics card but the company has installed a massive 93 Whr, 6-cell lithium ion battery. This will ensure atleast 3-4 hour of light usage.

Asus ROG G701VI

The only thing missing is a touchscreen but for that you can buy yourself a cheap Asus T102HA hybrid laptop that goes for under 300 dollars. Asus ROG G701VI is very thin, measuring mere 32.5mm thin – infact, it the thinnest Nvidia Pascal laptop out there so there is no problem slicing it in your laptop bag. And the best part is that there is no compromise on performance front and Asus showed the courage to not go with the ultra-low voltage processors to increase battery life and make users suffer on performance front.

This laptop is not only great for hardcore gamers but also for audio editing, video editing or anything that requires you to have powerful CPU and GPU power. There is ESS Sabre headphone DAC for crystal clear audio output and amplifier for audiophiles. It is hard to go wrong with Asus ROG G701VI.