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Asus E203MA Review – More than 12 hour battery life on this Asus netbook

Asus E203MA is the latest netbook by the Taiwanese giant launched in US. It is a mini laptop that packs a 11.6 inch display and powered by the latest Intel Celeron N4000 processor and 4GB RAM. The processor has four cores, four threads, 4MB cache and all that consumes 6W TDP. This makes it a power frugal processor – not as much as the Intel Atom Z3735F quad core processor that used to power most of the 2015/2016 netbooks but it is more powerful and makes the little netbook more powerful.

Asus E203MA Review

Perhaps that is the reason why the Asus E203MA is there in our best netbook list. Before we move ahead in our review, here are detailed specifications of the Asus E203MA:

Processor    Celeron N 4000 (2 cores / 2 threads, 1.1 to 2.6 GHz, cache 4 MB / TDP 6 W)
memory    LPDDR 4 – 2400 4 GB
storage    eMMC 64GB
OS    Windows 10 Home 64bit
display    11.6-inch HD (1,366 × 768 dots), glossy, non-touchable
Graphics    UHD Graphics 600, HDMI
network    IEEE 802.11ac compliant, Bluetooth 4.1
Interface    USB 3.0 × 2, USB 3.1 Type-C, 300,000 pixel camera, microSD card slot, audio input / output, 2 W + 2 W speaker, array microphone
Battery operating time    About 14.6 hours
Size / Weight    About 286 × 193 × 16.9 mm (width × depth × height) / about 1 kg
Color variations    Pearl white, star gray

Asus E203MA ports - left

On the left, you will find power input, microSD card slot, HDMI, USB 3.0, Type-C. On the right, you will find USB 3.0, voice input / output. The inclination of the panel is 180 degree.

Asus E203MA ports - right

The keyboard is isolation type (chiclet keys) without the numpad, which is obvious since this is a netbook. Touchpad is single plate type – there are no dedicated left and right buttons. The key pitch is about 18mm which is good enough for providing decent touch typing experience. We think it will be a nice cheap laptop for college. AC adapter size is about 45 × 45 × 25 mm, weight 122 grams which is a plus for travelers.

Asus E203MA keyboard

The entire chassis is made of plastic and while it does not have luxurious feeling, it has average texture and design.

Storage comes by 64GB eMMC SanDisk DF 4064 storage. Out of this 39.6GB is available to the user.

In real world test, the performance is much better than something like Lenovo 100s netbook or any other laptop that came with Atom Z3735F processor. Thanks to more RAM and more powerful processor, the performance, in real world, is at par with budget laptops between 200-400 dollars.

Here are benchmark results of various popular programs to check the performance and battery life of Asus E203MA.

PCMark 10 v1.0.1457
PCMark 10 Score    1,510
Essentials    4,292
App Start-up Score    4,296
Video Conferencing Score    4,441
Web Browsing Score    4, 146
Productivity    2,834
Spreadsheets Score    3,262
Writing Score    2,463
Digital Content Creation    768
Photo Editing Score    889
Rendering and Visualization Score    453
Video Editting Score    1,126
PCMark 8 v 2.8.704
Home Accelarated 3.0    1,873
Creative Accelarated 3.0    1,523
Work Accelarated 2.0    3,143
Storage    4,144
3D Mark v 2.4.4264
Time Spy    n / a
Fire Strike Ultra    n / a
Fire Strike Extreme    n / a
Fire Strike    276
Sky Diver    871
Cloud Gate    2,204
Ice Storm Extreme    12, 602
Ice Storm    18,883
OpenGL    16.72 fps
CPU    141 cb
CPU (Single Core)    69 cb
CrystalDiskMark 6.0.0
Q32T1 sequential read    195.951 MB / s
Q32T1 Sequential write    111.106 MB / s
4K Q8T8 random read    31.969 MB / s
4K Q8T8 random write    13.646 MB / s
4K Q32T1 random read    32.785 MB / s
4K Q32T1 random light    13.654 MB / s
4K Q1T1 random read    7.338 MB / s
4K Q1T1 random light    13.137 MB / s
BBench (Display brightness 0%, Power mode: Battery saving function)
Up to 5% battery remaining    13 hours 49 minutes 55 seconds (about 14 hours by specification)