Download AOSP Nokia X ROM: AOSP ROM for Nokia XL

AOSP ROM for the Nokia X and Nokia XL is available for download and almost everything except FM radio is working. Called the AOSPA by its developer, this custom ROM makes use of native app launcher and apps for optimum performance. Here are its features:

AOSP Nokia X xl ROM

* CyanogenMod base
* Complete AOSP 4.4 Kitkat Experience which is more stable than Android lollipop on Nokia X / XL.
* Paranoid 4.6 Build
* PA Pie Controls
* Clean and Responsive Build
* Google Default Launcher, Settings, Notification Bar
* Google Kitkat Camera, Gallery and Apps
* PA Boot Animation and Boot logo
* All PA Default Features (Hover, Immersive mode, Pie, Peek, Theme Engine)

1- You need to already have Nokia X custom recovery.
2- * For Nokia XL: Do Wipe then Flash the ROM. Download ROM from here.
* For Nokia X: Do Wipe then Flash the ROM and X Patch. Download ROM from here followed by this patch (flash it using TWRP after installation of ROM).
* No need to flash GApps because its already preloaded in the ROM.
3- After installing ROM (and patch in case of Nokia X), install this second patch to iron out the bugs.

After Installing The ROM:
1- Open Settings – Sim Cards – Configure Sim Cards then Active your sims.
2- Open Settings – Storage – Press Menu and choose USB connection then check MTP.
3-Open Settings – About Phone – Press 8 times on build number – go back and open Device Control – CPU Settings – change Governor to on demand – Change Minimum to 245 – Check Set on boot.
4- For using only 3G mode: Open the” dialer “, dial * # * # 4636 # * # * then change it.
5- Before starting video recording, change the quality to 480p.

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