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AMD Zen vs Excavator benchmarks, comparison and more

AMD Zen vs Excavator benchmark

Everything you wanted to know about AMD Zen processors. AMD Zen vs AMD Excavator. The AMD Zen processor are manufactured using 14nm process which is a big step up from 32nm and 28nm AMD Excavator processors. This means reduced power consumption, heat output and better battery life.

AMD Zen vs AMD Excavator: The company will be doing away with the north bridge chipset from motherboard and putting it on the processor itself. This will improve the efficiency as well. Infact, the AMD Zen is about 40 percent faster than the AMD Excavator. Here is what is new in AMD Zen at a glance:

* 14nm process
* Clock gating
* Faster cache
* L1 write back cache
* simultaneous multithreading
* Dedicated stack engine
* DDR4 support
* Move elimination
* Large micro-op cache

Amd zen vs excavator

AMD Zen vs AMD Excavator: The current generation of AMD processors including Excavator processors make use of AM3 socket and the AMD Zen uses AM4 socket that brings DDR4 support.

We strongly feel that all the credit goes to the Jim Keller that the company rehired in 2012 who again left the company in 2015. He played an integral part in manufacturing of AMD K8 architecture which was the first Athlon 64 processor.

So when will you see AMD Zen laptops and desktops? AMD has already announced Summit Ridge range of chipsets that will make use of this architecture and its processors will use octa cores with support for multithreading.