Zotac Zbox PI221: Fanless stick PC that looks good to boot

Zotac Zbox PI221 is a stick PC that comes in an aluminum body and works without a mini fan. It was showcased at the Zotac’s booth at Computex 2016 and has already been awarded the “Design and Innovation Award in Computers and Systems”.

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Zotac Zbox PI221 specs include Intel Atom X5 Z8300 processor that runs at 1.44GHz and goes up to 1.84GHz under turbo boost mode. Its spec sheet said it comes with 2GB RAM installed and even though 4GB is supported by the chipset, Zotac did not go for it for keeping the price as low as possible.

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Talking about the price, the Zotac Zbox PI221 price is yet to be disclosed but the company has hinted us for a 4GB variant that will cost 25 dollars more than this 2GB version. We like the fact Zotac Zbox PI221 is fanless and regulates its temperature using the aluminum housing.

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The Zotac, for those who do not know is a Chinese company headquartered in Hong Kong and it is quite famous in US.

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