Windows Phone market share in France increases to 13 percent

Windows Phone market share in France has now increased to 13 percent which is about 4 percent higher than entire EU’s share which is 9.2 percent. The EU has 352 million mobile users which results in 32.4 million Windows Phone users.

windows phone france marketshare

In comparison US has 327 million mobile users and 14.1 million of them are Windows Phone users. However keep in mind that France has a population of just 66 million, so that does not really move the needle as far as users go. That said it is ‘something’. Here is the breakdown of Smartphone OS market share courtesy of kantar.

Android 64.3%, iOS 20.2%, Windows Phone 13% and Blackberry 1.1%. Same goes for Italy which too has 13.2% percent WP market share.

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