Windows Phone 10: Save as PDF and Printing support detailed

Since Windows Phone 8.1 does not have built in printing support, users have to use combination of Google Print Cloud and Kumoprint to print from Windows Phone but that will change forever. Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 Mobile will have built in support for more than 1900 printers, allowing users to print documents and pictures from commonly used printers worldwide.

Windows Phone 10 Save as PDF and Printing support detailed

If you love Save-as-PDF feature on your windows computer, you will love the fact that it will be coming to your windows 10 mobile device too. You will not only be able to print a document but also save a file as PDF on your device.

PDF is the most professional way of sharing documents and we are sure that enterprise and professional users will love using “Save as PDF” feature on their device.

Video showing windows 10 mobile in action

Also check out windows 10 mobile driverless protocol which is behind this exhaustive printer support.

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