Windows Phone 10 build 8.15.12521 brings ability to import export from SIM card

New Windows Phone build 8.15.12521 has been leaked and it brings a host of enhancements and improvements over the previous 10038.12518 build. The screenshots leaked so far show an improved user interface and plenty of new functionalities.

Windows Phone build 8.15.12521

WP10 build 8.15.12521 change log is given below:

* Many UI enhancements and improvements including new icons for the status bar.
* Fresh user interface for Password, theme and Internet Explorer
* You can now remove the main account without doing a factory reset
* Import / Export to and from the SIM card. This basic functionality has been absent from windows phone since its launch.

Windows Phone build 8.15.12521 test

Interestingly these user interface improvements are similar to the one found on the desktop version of windows 10. This is a good sign and it shows how the same code is being shared between both desktop and mobile version of windows 10.

Also included in Windows Phone build 8.15.12521is the new messaging and people apps which were only seen in demos till now. It shall be noted that this build is yet to pushed to windows phone 10 insiders for testing.

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