Wellograph Releases Windows Phone compatible Smartwatch

Wellograph has released a windows phone 8.1 compatible smartwatch with sapphire crystal display. The Wellograph watch, which features a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and running watch, is functionally independent and designed to act as a stand-alone device, users can use the corresponding apps for expanded analysis.

The official app will be optimized for Windows Phone 8.1, and will sync directly to the Wellograph watch, transferring all data over Bluetooth. The company will make an official Wellograph app for Windows Phone 8.1 available alongside both an iOS and Android app.

Nick Warnock, president of Wellograph, Inc says

We’re excited to be bringing Wellograph to the millions of users who love and enjoy their Windows Phones. Wellograph represents the first fitness tracking device dedicated to Windows Phone users and we’re committed to supporting our customers using the growing platform.

Their WP app will take advantage of operating system’s unique feature such as Live Tiles, allowing users to see information such as total steps and exercise score directly on the phone’s Start screen. The app will sync directly to the Wellograph watch, transferring all stored data effortlessly over Bluetooth.

windows phone smartwatch premium wellness watch Wellograph

Wellograph watch will start shipping in July. Find more on www.wellograph.com.

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