Teclast X98 Pro Windows 8.1 Installation

Teclast X98 Pro comes with windows 10 preinstalled but if you are not comfortable with the new operating system, you can install windows 8.1 over it. However since Teclast X98 Pro is not your typical laptop, it is not that straight forward, so we charted out some steps on how to install Windows 8.1 on Teclast X98 Pro.

Teclast X98 Pro Windows 8.1

If you are worrying about android, you can reinstall it later. Flash the image of windows 8.1 onto a USB stick. There are plenty of tutorials out there that explain how to do it. Then go into the BIOS and select boot from USB. When you get into windows 8.1 setup, select the last partition that has occupied 34GB.

For the drivers, download the HP Pro tablet 608 G1 drives since it shares the same chipset. Install them. Now go into Device Manager and find the Microsoft standard display device. Manually update its driver and use Teclast X98 Pro windows 10 driver from here (password is w5rh and you will need a baidu account to download them) for touchpanel to get it working. Same goes for Wi-Fi. You can extract its drivers using 7z tool.

That is it. You now have a fully functioning windows 8.1 on Teclast X98 Pro tablet.

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