Sierra Wireless Files Complain Against Nokia

Sierra Wireless has complained to the EU Commission and US Federal Trade Commission about anti competitive behavior by Nokia. Sierra specializes in machine communications and cloud computing, and claims that Finnish giant has abused its dominant position as holder of important patents in mobile world.

Sierra, according to FT, alleges that Nokia’s royalty rates are unfair and it puts their company at a competitive disadvantage.

A Nokia spokesman told FT,

Sierra Wireless has been in breach of its existing license terms with Nokia for several years and, despite many years of good faith attempts by Nokia to resolve the disagreements, Sierra has failed to pay Nokia the royalties which Sierra owes under the license. Nokia regrets that Sierra Wireless is wasting the time of the European Commission with its frivolous complaints, rather than honouring its agreement with Nokia.

Nokia patent licensee complains to competition regulators

Pierre Cosnier, who is the senior director of legal affair at Sierra said,

We are acting to protect our customers and ourselves from the unreasonable actions of some standard essential patent holders, which result in unresolved patent license disagreements that we want to remedy on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

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