QHSUSB_DLOAD Lumia error solution using basic and advanced methods

We have two ways in solving the QHSUSB_DLOAD that myriad Lumia 520 and other windows phone users are facing while downgrading from Windows Phone 10 to WP8.


Using Windows Phone recovery tool installer: The first way is the easiest way. Just get the latest version of Windows Phone Recovery Tool installer and it will be able to fix the errors you are facing.

However if that does not work you will have to follow this method which is slightly more complex.

1) Install Thor2 (included in WPRT). So just install Windows Phone recovery tool from above link.
2) Download your firmware lumia with NaviFirm
3) Install Drivers from here
4) Go to the folder where it is thor 2 from cmd (run administrator)
cd C:
thor2 -mode ffureader -ffufile “C:\rm-914\XXX.ffu” -dump_gpt -filedir C:\dump

5) this command will create gpt0.bin and rename it as msimage.mbn. In my case, it was F771E62AF89994064F77CD3BC16829503BDF9A3D506D3FACEC AEF3F808C868FD so my hex file in binary format was F771E62AF89994064F77CD3BC16829503BDF9A3D.bin
6) Now convert this binary file to hex using bin2hex.exe
bin2hex F771E62AF89994064F77CD3BC16829503BDF9A3D.bin HEX.hex

7) open .hex file in notepad
insert :020000042A00D0 in first line
and :040000052A000000CD before the last line

OR use the ones already created for your Lumia.

Now you have HEX.hex and msimage.mbn. Use this command line,
thor2 -mode emergency -hexfile HEX.hex -mbnfile msimage.mbn -orig_gpt

Disconnect the battery and reconnect. Now connect your phone to the PC. You will find that your phone starts with red screen. Now charge the battery. If you have Lumai 520 or 521, use this command to flash it.
thor2.exe -mode vpl -maxtransfersizekb 1 -vplfile C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\rm-915\XXX.vpl

.VPL remember it is not ffu. After the process 100%, your device turn with green screen,
thor2 -mode rnd -bootnormalmode

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