Nokia X Comes Pre Loaded With WeChat

Nokia X, XL and X+ will come pre loaded with instant messaging app, WeChat. The app works fine as expected as the application is already available on Android from quite sometime and since Nokia X-series use Android, there should have been no hiccups whatsoever.

Nokia X Comes Pre Loaded With WeChat

Bryan Biniak, Global Vice President and General Manager, Developer Experience, Nokia said

We are thrilled to bring WeChat to the Nokia X smartphone family. We continually aim to bring people the best smartphone experience with our innovative hardware and software, and WeChat is a perfect addition to help people stay connected and share more joy with friends

As expected Nokia X users will be able to use WeChat’s People Nearby, Shake and Draft Bottle features. The application is also available for windows phone.

The user base of WeChat is grew at an incredible 379% rate from Q2 – Q4 2013.

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