Nokia Lumia 630 USB Connection Settings are not hidden

In windows phone 8.1, you can find hidden USB settings by doing a simple bing search. All you have to do is type in “USB” in the search box and swipe left to “Phone” to find these settings. However, on the Nokia Lumia 630, these settings are not hidden and you can find them in Settings.

Lumia USB connection settings explained

There are two options listed:

When the first option is ticked, every single time you connect to the computer, you will be asked if you want to use USB data connection. If you select “no”, you will not be able to manage / transfer files and all what your phone will be doing is charging. This can be useful for many who just want to charge their phone off someone’s computer but do not want to let them browse the files stored on their phone.

When the second option is ticked and you connect your WP device to a source that is not powerful enough to supply adequate power, you will be greeted with this notification.

A charged phone is a happy phone – use the charger and USB cable recommended by your phone manufacture for faster charging.

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