Nokia Lumia 530 vs 630 and 635: Which one you should get?

Nokia Lumia 530 is finally here and many of us want to see how it fares with Lumia 630 – another budget phone that Nokia launched few months back.

So here is how it compares with Lumia 630. The 635 is same as 630 but adds 4G LTE. It lacks dual SIM model though.

Nokia Lumia 530 vs 630 vs 635

1. Storage space

Flash storage is very important as this is where OS and application files are stored.

Lumia 530 comes with 4GB internal flash storage out of which you get 1.5-2GB free. This is perfectly fine since it comes loaded with windows phone 8.1 operating system that lets you store applications, photos, videos and downloads in storage card. However there are few games that do not run properly when installed on storage card.

lumia 530 128gb card

The Lumia 530 also has full support for up to 128GB cards. Make sure you get at least 32GB micro SD class 10 card. Same goes for Lumia 630 but you get 8GB flash storage which means more free storage.

2. Processing Power

While both windows phones come with quad core processors, both are different. The Lumia 530 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 1.2 GHz while the Lumia 630 has Snapdragon 400 1.2 GHz CPU.

3. Camera

Both Lumia 530 and 630 come with 5 mega pixel cameras. However the one in the 530 has fixed focus which means you would not be able to take crisp photos of objects close to you such as text on paper, portraits and so on.

The 630 has auto focus camera which means crisper photos and it can take pictures of text on newspaper.

4. Battery

The battery capacity has not gone any change compared to the Lumia 520 and 525. The capacity is 1430 mAh and while it is more than enough to last you a busy day, it is no way going to match the runtimes of Lumia 630 that has 1830 mAh battery capacity.

5. Screen size

The 530 has 4” while the 630 has bigger 4.5” display. The bezels on the sides are minimum for both windows phones so both fit well in hand and are operable using single hand. Both pack similar resolutions though – 854 x 480.

6. Display Features

The 530 lacks clear black technology and gorilla glass 3 coating. Both of these are present in Lumia 630. The Clear Black tech makes the screen blend in with the black bezels. Viewing angles are also wider in 630.

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