Nokia branded phones could return in 2016

Nokia branded phones are not dead and the company might make a return, just not from Microsoft. Confused and perplexed? That is natural as Microsoft acquired Nokia device business for 7 billion dollars past spring and they have done away with Nokia brand in their newest windows phone, the Microsoft Lumia 535.

Nokia however has retained myriad businesses with most profitable being their network equipment business (NSN). Other businesses include HERE mapping subsidiary and licensing business. Nokia executives spoke on its investor day that Nokia plans to exploit its licensing subsidiary.

Microsoft has a 10 year license to use Nokia brand and the Redmond giant is planning to use it for only cheaper models. However the deal says that Nokia has the right to license the “Nokia” name to the third parties starting Q4 of 2016.

This means that Nokia would still be able to design phones but for doing that it will presumably have to approach Chinese or Taiwanese ODMs. So the question that arises is – why did MS spend whopping 7 billion dollars to acquire Nokia? Well only Nokia can answer that.

The Finnish giant has at least one year before it makes the decision to approach ODMs. The new phones may not even run Windows Phone or bear Lumia brand.

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